The Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network / Jobs with Justice is the Premier workers rights organization in Lane County. We fight for the rights of all workers, support our union workers, and offer support and advocacy for non-union workers.


The OPR2020 is a $750 rebate for every Oregonian who files taxes plus an additional $750 for each of their dependents. That's $3,000 for a family of 4.

This is not a deduction. Not a credit. OPR2020 is money you get to put into your pocket, for things you and your family need! Because who knows better how that money needs to be spent than you.

OPR2020 is money that will go directly back in to our communities, billions of dollars that will go to small businesses as Oregonians use this money to buy food, pay rent, and utilities, make a down payment on a reliable car.

What is the Oregon People's Rebate 2020? It’s a win for working families, it's a win for small businesses, It's a win for Oregon's economy

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Workers Justice Project

Working people in America have certain basic legal rights to safe, healthy and fair conditions at work. But many employers—perhaps yours—violate these fundamental rights because they value their profits more than their workers. So if you're;

  • tired of working your self to the bone for poverty wages
  • tired of having no stablity, no power, no future
  • tired of being disrespected, bullied, and harrased by your employer

Then it's time to take back your power! We are the working class, we built this nation, we keep it running, it belongs to us. If you want to learn more contact us and learn how you can orginize your work sight and win a better future.

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Peer Advocates (PA)

ESSN’s Peer Advocates (PA) are volunteers willing to advocate and support fellow workers dealing with issues like wage theft, workers comp, unsafe workplaces, hostile work environments, and harassment. Our PA’s provide free and confidential consultations to fellow workers providing support and advice when dealing with these issues. PA’s do not provide legal advice – they are not lawyers – they can provide peer support and advice (workers helping workers).

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Tenants Organizing Committee (TOC)

The Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network has a 28 years of history of building strength through solidarity. The goal of our Tenant Organizing Committee is to organize all tenants in Lane County so that we can defend, assert, and expand our rights and build a movement to not only protect and expand our rights but also win respect and a voice in our future

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