Activist and Organizers can become member by making a $30/annually donation and pledging to turn out in solidarity for 4 network events a year.  The annual donation can be waved for members who turn out for solidarity actions. Members in good standing can create an Activist or Organizer profiles through our website to gain access to network resources. 

Members in good standing

  • Have access to member lists, groups, and networking and organizing resources. 
  • Are able to vote during board elections and are eligible to run for board positions.
  • Are eligible to participate as representatives to state wide and national conventions with network and allied organizations. 

Member Profiles 

A member profiles provides a summary of the areas an activist or organizers is interested in working on. It provides a means to network like minded individuals together to support each others work.

Member Organizations 

Member Organizations commit to paying annual dues and are given a seat on the ESSN steering committee. Each Member organization can send a voting delegate to the networks annual meeting and can put forward motions and proposals to the board or the membership.

Ally Organizations 

Ally Organizations are non-dues paying organizations that commit to standing in solidarity with networks members. Ally Organizations can send a delegate to the Network Annual Meeting but are not voting members.


Subscribers are simply individuals who subscribe to our Alert Email List. We send 4 to 5 email alerts a month to update our subscribers on active campaigns and actions in our community. We do not use our subscribers list for fundraising.