What is Gentrification

We all want to see our communities grow, we want our local economy to proper and for that prosperity to be shared by all residents, but is that what is happening with the Gentrification of our communities?

No, what we’re seeing in areas like Eugene and now Springfield is wealthier new arrivals reaping the majority of benefits of the gentrification of our communities while working class families and retirees are being priced out of their neighborhoods and communities.

So when the politicians and the developers tell us that they are going to improve our community we have to ask a few questions. Improve it for who? The corporations and the wealthy elites or for the average Joe? Who is going to pay for the improvement? The big corporations that will build their hotels and change stores and restaurants or will it be the home owner and the small local business through increased taxes?

At ESSN we believe in building strong communities and growing our local economy but we believe that we do this by making large corporations and developers pay their taxes not increasing the taxes of the small business owner or the home owner. We build our economy by paying our working class neighbors a fair living wage and keeping the cost of housing to a reasonable standard and we build our economy by supporting local small business.

Is that what is happening in Eugene and Springfield? Is that what will happen in Glenwood? The corporations, the developers, and the politicians would tell you yes. But how many times have they lied to us, how many times have they sold us down the river?

Our Glenwood Watchdog Project is not trying to stop growth in Glenwood or in Lane County we just want to make sure that we all benefit from the revitalization our communities not just the rich and the elite.

Want to be involved or learn more; contact us at essn@solidaritynetwork.org

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