The Goal of ESSN's  the Workers Justice Project is to fight against the exploitation of all workers and provide training, educations, and peer support and advocacy for workers.

workers%20rightsSome people would have us believe that this nation was built by men of wealth and power, the Rockefellers and the Rothschild's. This is a lie. America was built by the hard working men and women of the working class. It was the common folk who built the roads, the bridges, the bildings, and the cities. It's the common folk who mind the coal, caught the fish, and grew the food that feed our nation. It was the common working men and women of this nation that fought, and died so that we could have a forty hour work week, an eight hour day,

Trade Justice

Peer Advocacy

Union Labor

Non-Union labor

Wage Theft




An Economy in Crisis

Rising Inequality

Vulnerable WorkersT

Declining Union Membership

Federal Laws that Hinder Collective Bargaining


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