West Side Iron Strike


Non-Union Iron workers have been on strike from West Side Iron in Springfield Since June 1st because of abusive treatment and unsafe working conditions. The community is mobilizing behind these workers as they take a stand against the injustices and abuses perpetrated by West Side Iron.

Ironworkers 4 Justice Coalition

Next Meeting
Date: Friday, September 8th
Time: 10:00 am
Location: 688 Charnelton St. Eugene

Strike Update:

ESSN and other community organizations and members have been participating in delegations to local businesses that work with West Side Iron to inform them that there is an active strike against West Side Iron and asking them to not do business with West Side Iron until the meet with the striking workers and address their grievances and the communities concerns.

McKenzie-Willamette Hospital is undergoing a multi million dollar renovation of their facility and they are expected to use West Side Iron on this project. Community members have been trying to set up an appointment with Chad Campbell the CEO of McKenzie-Willamette but our request have been ignored and our small delegations have been lied to, threatened, and received rude and disrespectful treatment from McKenzie-Willamette and Layton Construction who is the large out of state general contractor in charge of construction at the hospital.

So this week a small group of workers and community members conducted several peaceful bannering out side the home of McKenzie-Willamette CEO Chad Campbell. Previously our bannerings were outside of the Hospital but McKenzie-Willamette refusal to meet with the striking workers or community members a has left us with no choice but to escalate our campaign.

We have conducted many other delegations and received much good responses from many of the other businesses that West Side Iron dose business with the goal of this campaign is to put public pressure on West Side Iron through the businesses he engages with so he will come to the table and we can resolve this strike in a way that benefits all stakeholders. If he refuses to come to the table and address the chooses to continue abusing his workers and engaging in unsafe and work practices that put not only his workers at risk but the public then we will continue our campaign until he has to close his doors.


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