The Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network has a 30 years of history of building strength through solidarity. The goal of our Tenant Organizing Committee is to organize all tenants in Lane County so that we can defend, assert, and expand our rights and build a movement to not only protect and expand our rights but also win respect and a voice in our future.

Why Organize

When we try to defend, assert, or expand our rights or position in society all by ourselves we are weak, ineffective, and constantly ignored. But when we stand together and make the same demands, we have power. We are much more effective and we cannot be easily ignored.

As we organize tenants in Lane County we build the power of common working folk and that allows us to compete with the established power of Landlords and Property Management Companies .

TOC Membership

The Tenant Organizing Committee will be drawn from ESSN membership; individuals can join by paying the $30 annual dues or by pledging to participate in 4 or more actions or evens a year.

Tenants who don't wish to join ESSN can still participate in the Tenants Organizing Committee as non-voting members or allies.

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