ESSN's Peer Advocates are volunteers willing to advocate and support fellow workers dealing with issues like wage theft, workers comp, unsafe workplaces, hostile work environments, and harassment.

Our PA's provide free and confidential consultations to follow workers providing support and advice when dealing with these issues. PA's do not provide legal advice - they are not lawyers - they can provide peer support and advice.

Contact a Peer Advocate

Currently ESSN has three volunteers Peer Advocates in the Eugene Springfield area you can contact them by email or phone.


Phone:  (541) 285-6374

Fair Wages For All

Every working person deserves to be paid fairly and fully for their labor. As a member organization of the Oregon Coalition to Stop Wage Theft we stand with the hard-working men and women in our communities to ensure that they get the wages they deserve for their honest hard work. We were also leaders in the fight to raise the minimum wage in Oregon and continue to fight for a living wage and a union for all working people.

What is Wage Theft

Your Boss Pays you less than minimum wage, steals tips, bounces checks, always seem to make mistakes on your paycheck buy they are never in your favor, or simply refuses to pay you.

Your boss denies you meal and break periods, requires you to come in on your day off for meetings or training and doesn't pay you, force you to work overtime with out pay or off the clock and retaliates when you complain.

When bosses like to misclassify workers as independent contractors in order to avoid paying overtime, sick and vacations benefits, payroll taxes, and/or insurance.

Wage Theft

Employers are stealing money from working people by cheating them of wages owed or not paying them at all. Failing to pay for even a few minutes of labor, such as not paying for time spent preparing a work station at the start of a shift, or for cleaning up at the end of a shift, can quickly add up. That employers steal more than $50 billion every the Economic Policy Institute found that employers steal more than $50 billion every year to wage theft.

If any of this sound familiar then you've been robbed. Contact one of our Peer Advocates for help.

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