What is the Oregon People's Rebate?

The Oregon People's Rebate (OPR2020) is a $750 rebate that is given to every Oregonian who files taxes plus an additional $750 for each of there dependents. That's $3,000 for a family of 4.

This is not a deduction, not a credit. It is money you get to put in to your pocket for things you and your family need! because who knows better how that money needs to be spent than you. 

This is money that will go directly back in to our communities, billions of dollars that will go to small businesses as Oregonians use this money to by food, pay rent, and utilities, make down payments on a reliable car.

What is the Oregon People's Rebate? Its a win for working families, it's a win for small businesses, It's a win for Oregon's economy. 

Brief story of the Oregon People's Tax Rebate (2020)


The Oregon People's Tax Rebate was born while talking with people about 2016's Measure 97. During many of those conversations, it was obvious that regardless of your politics people think that corporations are not paying their fair share. 

So why did Measure 97 fail? .

  1. While people generally thought that the 2.5% proposed by Measure 97 was reasonable. Many people were concerned how large corporations would react. "Would they pass on the higher tax to consumers? Would large corporations flee Oregon?
  2. But even more concerning to many people was where the money would go. Even though the funds raised by Measure 97 were supposed to go to education, (public K-12), health care, and senior services many Oregonians were unsure about the state government being a good steward of the funds that would be raised Measure 97.


The Oregon People's Rebate addresses these concerns and ensures that the wealthiest corporations in our state (many who pay no taxes in our state) pay there fair share by imposing a modest 2.5% tax on the wealthiest corporations and giving it back to Oregonians as a $750 rebate to every one who files taxes and $750 for each of there dependents.

  1. Large Corporations will pass on the cost of the increased taxes to consumers. First this is just not true, but even if they did you'll still get more money from your rebate than what it will cost you if they raise the taxes.
  2. You don't have to worry if the politicians in Salem will be good stewards of the money because the money will be going to you. Who better to know what that money needs to be spent on, rent, utilities, food.
  3. Another benefit to Oregon is to small business. The People's Rebate will provide an infusion of billions of dollars in to local economy, dollars and much of that money will go directly in to the registers of local small businesses.
  1. Measure 97
    • YES, keep increase the tax of largest corporations with more than $25 million of Oregon sales to a minimum of 2.5%.
    • NO, do not exempt or tread differently "benefit companies" or "S corporations."
  2. Oregon's "Kicker" Law
    • YES, refund the people of Oregon in equal amounts on what we pay the largest corporations.
    • NO, do not link funding to a "refund" on whatever taxes the people of Oregon might owe next year.
  3. Alaska's Permanent Fund Dividend
    • YES, the refund (or "dividend") goes to the people directly as a cash payment, without affecting people's eligibility for any income-related state or federal benefit.
    • NO, do not funnel the refund (or "dividend) though a complex "investment" mechanism.

Desired outcomes:

The desired outcomes of the Oregon People's Tax Rebate are:

  1. An Oregon where large corporations pay their fair share (2.5% might not be the right minimum tax, and future legislation and/or initiative petitions may increase or decrease the minimum tax).
  2. An Oregon that is not afraid to ask large corporations to pay their fair share, for the direct betterment of all the people of Oregon!

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