ESSN Labor Entry in then 2017 Eugene Parade


ESSN's Labor Entry in the Eugene Parade was happy success. We were a late entry with only 7 days to prep and turn out or union brothers and sisters and our grass roots allies any yet we had 28 supporters or labor Justice and Workers Justice marching with us.

The response form the crowd was inspiring. many people clapping and cheering to our old school union chants, and especially to the message of ending corporate greed and taking back our community for the working class. It is just shows that now is the time for workers both Union and Non-Union to stand strong together and fight to regain the for the rights and the prosperity that the working class men and women haveĀ lost.

Thank you to The IWW, AFSCME, GTFF, SEIU 503, United Academics, IATSE, AFT, CLP of Eugene, CAPE, Eugene DSA, and ESSN's own members who turned out for the Parade.

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