CJC Meeting – 170913

Community Justice Project

The ESSN Community Justice Project was established to focus ESSN resources and energy on dealing with issues that affect the most vulnerable populations in our communities. Some of the Issues this committee will be working on will be;

  1. Militarization of our Police
  2. The rise of racism in our communities
  3. The criminalization of homelessness
  4. The targeting of immigrant families
  5. LGBTQ issues
  6. Woman's Issues
  7. Climate Change and Environmental Justice

The Community Justice Committee (CJC) meets the at 5:30 on the 1ST Friday of every month at 688 Charnelton St. Eugene.

Proposed Agenda Items For;
Wednesday, September 13th

  1. Establishment of working groups
  2. Update on Shop for a Cop
  3. Community Policing / De-militarizing Our Police
  4. Immigration and DACA
  5. Combating racism and alt-right in Lane County

Meeting Notes:

During the meeting we primarily focused on 2 areas;

  1. Policing the Police; how can ESSN work to move our police away from a militarized model of policing that views the community as the enemy and move our police toward a community policing model.
  2. Combating Racism in our Community; What role would be most appropriate for ESSN to take in our communities fight against racism.

We also dicussed;

  • We discussed moving the Blue Green Coalition from the Workers Just Project to the Community Justice Project.
  • We discussed building capacity within ESSN for work on various community justice issues and on strengthening our relationships with our allied organizations and activist and how can we support their work.

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