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If Lane County refuses to come to the table with a fair offer; the workers of Lane County will go on Strike by mid-October. ESSN is calling out to our members, friends, and allies to help us send a clear message to our County Commissioners and Managment that the cisizens of Lane County stand in Support of workers and we demand that the County treat our county workers with respect and fairness.

ESSN will be staging at the park blocks directly across from the County Court House for the duration of the strike; we will be providing food, and beverages for our striking workers and their allies, we will also be holding solidarity rallies and sending delegations to County Administration and the County Commissioners to let them know that the citizens of Lane County support our County Workers.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Organizer needed; we need organizers willing to assist with setting up a sustained community support campaign. If you have experance orginizing and corrdinating strikes and/or community rallies we are asking for your help as we stand in solidarity with our county workers.

Labor Artist, Musicians, and Actors; Music has always been a part of the labor movement, we are looking for musicians and bands willing to volunteer to play music during rallies and on the picket line. We also need artist to help with signs and button making.

Writers; we need people to help write letters to the editor, and to write posts for social medial and to help with flyer and other media.

Food Prep and Procurement; ESSN will be providing food and beverages while the pickets are up at the County Court house we need volunteers to man the grill and the food and beverage tables.

Sound Systems; we will be having speakers and music while the pickets are up and will need people who can assist with sound systems, we are also needing sound systems! We have a line on a few systems but any suggestions would be helpful.

Set up and Take Down; Obviously we need dedicated individuals willing to set up and take down canopies, tables, grills, and all the other things we will be using as we stage at the park blocks.

Delegations; we need individuals that can manage delegations to the county commissioners and county administration. We also need volunteers willing to flyer down town and collect signatures on petitions of support for our county workers.

Activists; and of course we need people willing to walk a picket line, rain or shine!

These are just a few of the things we need; if you want to participate please show up for our;

Volunteer Briefing & Strategy Meeting
Date: Friday, October 6th
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: AFSCME Hall, 688 Charnelton St. Eugene

If you are unable to attend this meeting but would like to participate you can contact or primary organizer at (541) 285-6373 or by email at

Rally Supporting County Workers


Lane County and its largest employee union near dead-end in contract talks as strike threat looms

By Elon Glucklich
The Register-Guard
SEPT. 25, 2017

Take care of county workers

by Lonnie Douglas
The Register-Guard / Letter to the Editor

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