AFSCME 2831 (Lane County Workers)

Lane County workers have voted overwhelmingly to strike unless the County agrees to a fair contract. The County has increased the pay of upper and middle management to as high as 19% to bring their pay in line with “the industry standard” but they refuse to bring the workers’ pay up to the industry standard. Instead they want to give a minimal pay raise of 2% while increasing the cost to workers for their health care which will in effect be a pay cut to our county workers. The County Commissioners, led by Jay Bozievich are once again showing that they care more about padding their own pockets and the pockets of upper management more than they care about taking care of the workers who serve this community. The county is claiming that these workers “want” to go on strike which is absolute horse manure; if our commissioners know anything about working class folk he would know that the last thing any worker wants is to go on strike. Workers need to pay their rent and put food on the table and they can’t do that if they are on strike. Workers only go on strike when their boss is so bad that they have left them know choice. All the workers of Lane County are asking for is a fair contract, fair pay and fair benefits for their hard work. If the county is so concerned about money they why did they five the huge pay raises to the bosses at the top. I they were real leaders they would have raised the workers’ pay first and would have then raised their pay but they are not leaders they are greedy bosses. So, get involved and join us this Tuesday as we tell our county commissioners that this community is sick and tired of them spending our hard-earned tax dollars to give them managers at the top pay raises while exploiting and effectively cutting wages and benefits of the working folk who actually keep this county running. Join us as we tell our County Commissioners Lane County can’t afford to have our county workers on strike, because we know that the commissioners and the managers aren’t going to go out and do the real work.

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